Why Fiber Internet

fiber internet

Optical fiber internet is 100x faster than cable internet, DSL internet or wireless systems. The cable and phone company networks are partly fiber, but the main network is fiber. This means that there are no slowdowns that occur when data reaches the copper technology used by the other guys to deliver a connection to your home.

There are many factors that affect the bandwidth such as the length of the cable runs, transmission technology used and the network architecture used. The actual internet speed that is advertised by an ISP is usually less than the one promised on the service agreement. To get the real internet speed on your end, go to speedtest.net and conduct a test.

The need for internet speed will continue to grow especially for home services such as security and the Internet of Things (IoT). A fiber network gives you a large bandwidth to work with to keep transferring large data files with zero compression. As technology advances, files will not get any smaller but bigger and this will require more bandwidth.

Fiber to Home

Equipping your home with fiber internet turns your house into a more attractive property. Your home will be future-proof because fiber is the top communication technology in the world. We expect tomorrow’s technology to be bandwidth hungry and fitting your home with fiber today means that you’ll be safe.

Some internet companies in Toronto offer FTTN connections with speeds of 50Mbps for $39.95 per month.