What Speed Do I Need?

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For most people, internet speed is the most important aspect – the faster the connection is, the better, right? Well, this is not necessarily the case.

The fact is, everybody needs their internet speeds to be on the upper side of things. Although the cost of internet is coming down, the top-end fiber connection packages are the most expensive options, and most users don’t do anything online that requires speeds of over 100Mbps.

You can compare such users with a person purchasing a year’s gym membership but only goes once and then decides to quit. This begs the question, why pay for something if you are not going to use it?

There are different ways to get an internet connection to homes such as Cable, DSL, and Fiber. ADSL is okay but you will experience music or video streaming buffering during high traffic hours.

Fiber is the best.

It’s important to consider the speeds that you need before deciding on the provider and package. With this in mind, this is what a superfast fiber connection can supply:

  • Download a 4-minute audio song (4MB) in just 0.03s.
  • Send huge files across the internet faster than writing data in a hard drive or USB stick.
  • Download data faster than saving files to a computer hard drive.
  • Stream 5 HD videos (1080p) at the same time without buffering and still have enough bandwidth to surf the web and send emails.
  • Download a High Definition movie of 14GB in under 2 minutes.