Maximum Security Services

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This service allows you to protect your computers, personal information, and data with less effort. Our maximum security services include:

Antivirus Protection
• Protect your computers from worms, viruses, and Trojans.
• Scan all content for potential threats.

• Scan, detect and delete all spyware programs in your computer.

Active Virus Control
• Protect your computer and online devices against new and fast-spreading threats.
• Detect and quarantine hard to remove threats.

Rescue Mode
• Allow your computer to be rebooted in a safe environment for better cleaning and restoration.

USB Immunizer
• Secure USB drives and other removable devices by disabling the Windows Autorun feature that is often hacked to infect computers.

Personal Privacy Protection
• Protection against Fraud.
• Protect your web browsing experience such as preventing fraudulent sites from collecting your personal information.

Search Advisor
• Warn users of risky sites and blocking their access.

Personal Data Filter
• Preventing critical information such as your social security number from leaving your computer and any other linked device. This is done by scanning instant messages and emails that are sent from your computer and any data sent via web pages.

File Shredder
• Make certain that no single piece of information is left on your computer when you delete sensitive files.

• Protect your computer and devices from identity theft and intruders.

Parental Control
• Enable users to have full control of internet access and specific programs for each user with an account on the computer. You can configure the parental control options to block:
• Internet access during specific times of day
• Inappropriate sites
• Applications like chat, file sharing, and games
• Instant messages

• Secure your online transactions such as online banking and e-shopping.

• A password manager that record all your codes for automatic connection to mailboxes, sites or favorite apps using a single master password.

File Encryption
• Enable users to create encrypted and password protected logical drives on their computers for safe storage of sensitive documents.

PC Optimizer
• This option detects and removes useless processes and files that are holding your computer and internet performance back.

• Allows users to remotely find and lock stolen mobile devices and even wipe all the data.

Automatic Updates
• Set your services up for automatic updates every three hours, these updates are crucial as they offer protection from new viruses and spyware.

Protect Up To 5 Computers
• Our maximum security kits can be installed on five different home computers.