How to Prevent Wi-Fi Interference

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One way to improve the signal of your Wi-Fi is to change the channel that your Wi-Fi is broadcasting on. The following is how you change the Wi-Fi channel:

  • On a Windows PC - Access the Command Prompt by searching “cmd” or by following this process; Start>Accessories> Command Prompt.
  • Type: “netsh wlan show networks bssid”. A numbered list of wireless networks will be displayed on your screen. Note the channels that are furthest from the ones in use or the one with the weakest signal.
  • On a Mac - Click the Apple logo on the top, go to about this Mac>System Report>Network>Wi-Fi. You will see a breakdown of nearby channels. Note the recommended channel.
  • At the back of your router, there should be a sticker that shows how to log in to its settings. This includes a web address, username, and a password.
  • Open your browser and type in the address and log in.
  • Look for the wireless network settings should be under “Home Network” but this depends on the manufacturer.
  • Look for the prompt that allows you to choose channel; should be from channel 1 to 13. Pick the number you noted earlier.

That’s it!! Your Wi-Fi will now broadcast on a clean network channel and this means better signal and faster speeds.

Newer routers have an “auto” option that automatically selects the best broadcast channel. Select this option if your device has it.