Broadband Speed Explained

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Breaking down broadband download and upload speeds

How fast is your broadband? Is your broadband the right plan for your needs?

This article lets you know what this terminology means along with simple tips to choose the right Toronto ISP.

Toronto residents want reliable and fast internet speeds and any ISP offering mediocre internet speeds is on borrowed time.

Your internet connection should be fast enough to handle your needs. Whether it’s watching movies and TV shows on Netflix Canada, chatting on Skype or downloading huge files, whatever needs to be done should be done fast with incredible broadband speeds.

But the question is, how fast should your broadband connection be?

Here at Internet Providers Toronto, we wish to promote the best broadband for your needs.

The most expensive broadband packages are the fastest but do you really need this type of internet? Not every user needs super-fast internet, it’s like buying a Ferrari but you’ll only be driving to the shops for only once a week with it.

It’s important to think how you’re going to use the internet to settle on the best broadband plan. Before we get down to usage and numbers, let’s explain what we mean by broadband. Speed.

What are download and upload speeds?

Download speed is the more crucial of the two and it’s the speed at which data is being transferred from the internet to your device. High download speeds mean that you’ll be able to load websites faster, load videos and music without buffering, and load images faster on the screen. If your connection is slow, images will load slowly and videos and music will experience loading delays better known as buffering.

Broadband Upload Speed

This is the speed at which data is sent from your device to the internet. With faster upload speeds the quicker this process will be. Upload speeds determine the rate at which you can send emails, upload videos, and photos to cloud-based storage.

Generally, broadband home connections have higher download speeds than upload speeds. This should not be alarming as more people are concerned about, let’s say…watching videos than uploading them.  

What download and upload speed should I get?

If you’re still reading this article, it means that your broadband speeds are not fast enough. However, it’s good to know that broadband speeds are determined by a number of factors such as the plan you signed up for and the type of connection. You should be aware your download and upload speeds to know if you need to switch or choose a different plan.

To know your broadband speed you need to check your speed on You must check the speeds during different times of the day to know the actual speeds on your end.

Never assume that your Toronto broadband provider is giving you the advertised speeds. Even if they promise you 100Mbps, there is no guarantee that they’re delivering these speeds.

The advertised broadband speed is based on what 10% of the people in that package get, so there is a huge chance that you’re not among the 10%.

Sounds stupid but those are the rules of the game and will be here until the stakeholders decide to change them. The speeds are indicative and not an assurance.

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