6 Tips to Solve Your Wi-Fi Problems

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Are you experiencing slow internet speeds? Well, the problem could be your Wi-Fi, not the ISP.

The following tips, if done correctly, will boost your Wi-Fi performance and your broadband speed.

Switch the Wi-Fi off and on again

When you notice your Wi-Fi speeds going down, check whether your router has an on and off button and turn it off and on again. If it doesn’t, just turn the wall switch off for about 10 seconds and turn on again.

Disconnect all your devices

Switch off the Wi-Fi devices that are not in use and you will not only improve your speeds but save on the electricity bill too.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Connection

Making your Wi-Fi more secure whether you are experiencing speed issue or not is a good idea. If you notice speed issues, it could be that an unauthorized person is using your Wi-Fi.

Improve your security by making these simple changes:

Make a habit of changing your Wi-Fi password regularly. Your password should combine upper case letters, lower case letters, punctuation, and numbers.

Change the SSID (name of your network) to something more unique.

Set your encryption level at WPA2, this is the most secure of all.

Move your router somewhere central

The further your devices are to the router the weaker the signal will be. Try to place your router where you mostly use your connections.

If this is impossible, buy a Wi-Fi repeater or extender to boost your signals.

Beware of interference

Don’t put your Wi-Fi device near electronics like microwaves, baby monitors, and cordless phones because such devices can interfere with your signals.

You can also check the settings on your router to change the channel that your Wi-Fi is broadcasting on.

Change Your Broadband Provider

If you make all the mentioned changes but your Wi-Fi still sucks, then you should consider switching providers.