• How to Prevent Wi-Fi Interference

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    One way to improve the signal of your Wi-Fi is to change the channel that your Wi-Fi is broadcasting on. The following is how you change the Wi-Fi channel:

  • 6 Tips to Solve Your Wi-Fi Problems

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    Are you experiencing slow internet speeds? Well, the problem could be your Wi-Fi, not the ISP.

    The following tips, if done correctly, will boost your Wi-Fi performance and your broadband speed.

    Switch the Wi-Fi off and on again

    When you notice your Wi-Fi speeds going down, check whether your router has an on and off button and turn it off and on again. If it doesn’t, just turn the wall switch off for about 10 seconds and turn on again.

    Disconnect all your devices

    Switch off the Wi-Fi devices that are not in use and you will not only improve your speeds but save on the electricity bill too.

    Secure Your Wi-Fi Connection

  • 5 Tips to Boost Your Broadband Speed

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    Sooo…you make the switch to a faster broadband plan but your internet still sucks?

    This is a common issue with most internet users but the problem can be addressed by using these tips:

    Step 1

    Go to a speed test tool like speedtest.net to see what your current download and upload speeds are. This will give you an idea of how fast your internet is.

    Step 2

    Restart your router. Some routers have a reset button at the back, the ones without can be turned on and off by flipping the power switch (wait 10 seconds before turning the power on again). Once you’re back online, wait for a few minutes before you check your speed test again.

    Is it any quicker?

    Yes? Fixed….perfect!


    Ok, on to the next one…

    Step 3

  • What is Dry Loop?

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    A dry loop, also referred to as a Naked DSL is a phone line that doesn’t have an active telephone service. The line does not have a dial tone and its main work is to deliver high-speed internet access.

    A Naked DSL line allows the user to dispense with their regular phone service and use their fast internet service to get a Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone line.

    This service is not available everywhere in Toronto, it depends on your location.

    Contact your Toronto internet service provider to check whether they offer this service.

  • What Is My IP Address?

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    Need to know your IP Address?

    There are plenty of tools to use to know your IP address, or in tech guru terms, internet protocol address.

    Your internet protocol address comes in handy when talking to an online support team or when setting up your new equipment.

    Your IP address is the full address for your computer or any other internet enabled device.

    IP addresses are unique and can be used to track and identify the device, and by extension, the individual who has sent an online message or performed any other activity on the web.

    This information has been used to track down criminal suspects by law enforcement agencies; however, dynamically assigned IP addresses are not easy to track down.

  • Broadband Speed Explained

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    Breaking down broadband download and upload speeds

    How fast is your broadband? Is your broadband the right plan for your needs?

    This article lets you know what this terminology means along with simple tips to choose the right Toronto ISP.

    Toronto residents want reliable and fast internet speeds and any ISP offering mediocre internet speeds is on borrowed time.

    Your internet connection should be fast enough to handle your needs. Whether it’s watching movies and TV shows on Netflix Canada, chatting on Skype or downloading huge files, whatever needs to be done should be done fast with incredible broadband speeds.

    But the question is, how fast should your broadband connection be?

    Here at Internet Providers Toronto, we wish to promote the best broadband for your needs.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    How will I get the connection into my house?

    GTA Telecom will connect you if Bell lines are available in your area. Even if the lines are not hooked up to your house, you will be connected ASAP. It’s good to note that you should install a modem if you are bundling the internet service with your TV and Phone services. Talk to GTA Telecom to get the best location to install your modem to avoid extra costs of installation. They will also give you a free rental modem.

    Is the location of the modem important?

    Absolutely, if you are planning to bundle your internet service with TV and phone services, you need to know that each device will need an internet connection.

  • What Speed Do I Need?

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    For most people, internet speed is the most important aspect – the faster the connection is, the better, right? Well, this is not necessarily the case.

    The fact is, everybody needs their internet speeds to be on the upper side of things. Although the cost of internet is coming down, the top-end fiber connection packages are the most expensive options, and most users don’t do anything online that requires speeds of over 100Mbps.

    You can compare such users with a person purchasing a year’s gym membership but only goes once and then decides to quit. This begs the question, why pay for something if you are not going to use it?

    There are different ways to get an internet connection to homes such as Cable, DSL, and Fiber. ADSL is okay but you will experience music or video streaming buffering during high traffic hours.

    Fiber is the best.

  • Can I Use My Old Modem?

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    When you sign up for a new internet plan with a Toronto internet provider such as Altima Telecom or GTA Telecom, you will be provided with a free rental modem.

    In some cases, you can still use your old modem for this service. However, your old modem must have the following specifications:

    If you want to connect to one of the cable internet packages, you will need a DOCSIS-3 compatible modem.

    If you prefer the DSL internet package, you will need an ADSL modem or a DSL modem.

    If you’re purchasing the Fiber internet package or FTTN from 7-15Mbps, you will need an ADSL modem. If you want a higher bandwidth package from 25-50Mbps, you will need a VDSL modem.

  • Cable vs DSL vs Fiber Internet

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    When searching for a new internet provider in Toronto, you will definitely start feeling overwhelmed – there are so many options!

    What is the difference between DSL, Cable, and Fiber? Between the three, which is the best? Which is the most reliable?

    The following guide will help you make the right decision:

    DSL Internet

    Digital Subscriber Line, better known as DSL uses an existing copper line of a phone line to deliver fast internet access. This type of connection is faster than DSL but slower than cable.

    DSL is available in rural and urban areas but the further you are from the mainline the slower your connection and signal will be.

    The best internet speed you can get from a DSL connection is 6Mbps and upload speeds of 640Kbps. This connection suits the needs of low volume internet users.