Cable vs DSL vs Fiber Internet

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When searching for a new internet provider in Toronto, you will definitely start feeling overwhelmed – there are so many options!

What is the difference between DSL, Cable, and Fiber? Between the three, which is the best? Which is the most reliable?

The following guide will help you make the right decision:

DSL Internet

Digital Subscriber Line, better known as DSL uses an existing copper line of a phone line to deliver fast internet access. This type of connection is faster than DSL but slower than cable.

DSL is available in rural and urban areas but the further you are from the mainline the slower your connection and signal will be.

The best internet speed you can get from a DSL connection is 6Mbps and upload speeds of 640Kbps. This connection suits the needs of low volume internet users.

How Much Are You Paying for Your Internet

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How much are you paying for internet? Does your monthly fee include activation or recurring monthly fees and taxes? Do you have to bundle your internet connection with another costly service? Does the price go up after the introductory period?

Toronto residents can get internet directly to their homes, apartment or condo at incredible speeds at pocket-friendly prices – without hidden fees!

Check the following internet speed and price comparison:

GTA Telecom provides a number of internet packages as follows: 150Mbps/$49.95, 50Mbps/$39.95, 40Mbps/29.95. FTTN 50Mbps/$39.95, FTTN 25Mbps/$34.95 per month.

Altima Telecom offers unlimited internet starting at $29.95 per month.

Why Fiber Internet

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Optical fiber internet is 100x faster than cable internet, DSL internet or wireless systems. The cable and phone company networks are partly fiber, but the main network is fiber. This means that there are no slowdowns that occur when data reaches the copper technology used by the other guys to deliver a connection to your home.

There are many factors that affect the bandwidth such as the length of the cable runs, transmission technology used and the network architecture used. The actual internet speed that is advertised by an ISP is usually less than the one promised on the service agreement. To get the real internet speed on your end, go to and conduct a test.

Home Phone Services

Toronto home phone services

Internet providers Toronto offer rich, business class phone services for residential users for $9.95 (GTA Telecom and Altima Telecom).

This price includes the equipment required, one free local number, one phone line and the following popular features:

  • Unlimited local calling
  • Use your existing phone
  • Long distance and international calls
  • Voicemail support. The messages can be stored digitally and accessed from a mobile device or PC as an attachment. Free configuration for voicemail to email.
  • Caller ID
  • Call display
  • Call waiting
  • E911
  • 3-way calling
  • Call blocking
  • Live customer service
  • Phone number portability – free porting for your current number.

You can get the highest quality home phone services and save money in Toronto.

Maximum Security Services

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This service allows you to protect your computers, personal information, and data with less effort. Our maximum security services include:

Antivirus Protection
• Protect your computers from worms, viruses, and Trojans.
• Scan all content for potential threats.

• Scan, detect and delete all spyware programs in your computer.

Active Virus Control
• Protect your computer and online devices against new and fast-spreading threats.
• Detect and quarantine hard to remove threats.

Rescue Mode
• Allow your computer to be rebooted in a safe environment for better cleaning and restoration.

USB Immunizer
• Secure USB drives and other removable devices by disabling the Windows Autorun feature that is often hacked to infect computers.

Parental Control Services

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The internet has become a necessity in our daily lives. This means that our children have easy access to the internet, especially in our homes. With this easy access to the internet comes the need for parental control services for safeguarding our children from inappropriate content and set the rules for internet usage and messaging software.

With our free parental control services, you can:
Block inappropriate sites
• Block access to specific sites
• Block sites selectively by type of content such as drugs, violence, pornography etc.

Plan periods of internet use
• Set specific times of day when family members access the internet

Restrict certain application such as instant messaging, games, sharing programs and more

ADSL Internet

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Are you a Toronto resident in need of ADSL internet? If yes, then we got you covered. With our fast and reliable ADSL internet, you can download and stream videos and music all day long.

We have the best ADSL internet in Toronto offered at affordable rates, this means that you get to enjoy the internet and telephone service on the same telephone line and at no extra costs.

We have different ADSL internet packages for our Toronto users and you can pick the one that meets your needs.

By choosing our Toronto ADSL internet packages, we guarantee that you will receive the best service devoid of any hidden fees or charges.

We offer the following:
No speed and data caps
High speed and reliable internet
Exceptional customer service
Easy and fast setup

Fiber Internet

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Would you like to watch your favorite TV show later? Do you have a bustling timetable and you're anxious you'll pass up on an important match when it airs? We offer unlimited and fast web access so you never need to worry about missing your favorite game or program.

With our fast internet service, you will be able to watch your favored game or films at any time you need. Stream your most loved shows using our unlimited, quick internet and watch it at your most convenient time.

We offer extremely fast internet with unlimited downloading in Toronto. Prepare to start enjoying your favorite movies without any interferences. Want to host your friends or relatives for a breathtaking game? We'll get it going with our fast and unlimited fiber internet.

Cable Internet

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If you want reliable internet in Toronto, look no further than GTA Telecom’s Cable internet. Our fast internet cable gives you fast and reliable speeds to browse the internet, download heavy files, music, stream high definition videos and so much more.

We offer unlimited cable internet at affordable rates. We have also structured our cable internet bundles to meet the needs of different customers.

We guarantee that we do not have any hidden charges or contracts that will tie you up. Our internet packages are reliable.

Regardless of the cable internet package that you opt for, GTA Telecom promises to give you a reliable service, unbeatable rates, and exceptional customer support. By choosing our Toronto cable internet service, we guarantee that you will never receive hidden fees.

Student Internet

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Toronto has plenty of Internet Service Providers and it can get overwhelming trying to pick the best one for your student house connection.

Before you sign up for anything, it is important to know what you’re getting into and at what cost. Every dollar counts for students who need internet at home. At GTA Telecom, we offer reliable and fast student internet in Toronto that meets the needs of all of your roommates even when they are connected at the same time.

There are other ISPs in Toronto offering student internet plans but most of them get congested in the evenings and this slows your speeds, this means that you will end paying for more speed than you’re getting. We filter out your neighbors’ internet to give you the speeds that you’re paying for. You can believe us when we say that we will not let you down even when you’re writing a timed essay.